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Have you ever wondered why you are always buying losing stocks? 
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Can you reverse your losses from the market? 
What kind of stocks should you invest in? 
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Straits Times Index's rally will be sustainable

Straits Times Index continued its bullish momentum last week and broke its key resistance level of 2950 level. Breaking out of this key resistance level confirms the uptrend formation which STI had struggled to form for the past months. This affirmation has lead to many positive vibes from the market despite concerns on inauguration of US-elected president Trump.

Jay's client base stock portfolio performance for 2016

Year 2016 turns out to be a flat year. For many, it seems to be hard to make profit during this period; especially in the period where there are many economic concerns and reforms happening. For my group of clients whom allowed me to track their holdings and portfolio, some struggled during this period but many were able to see profits in their stock portfolio.

Bullish start of 2017 setting the bullish tone for Straits Times Index

Straits Times Index started the year with a roaring start last week. A total of 81.87pts were gain during the week. This strong start left many wondering why the market behaved this way. The bullish movements were mainly contributed from the banking and offshore marine sector last week.