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Jay's Investment Portfolio Performance for 2016

Year 2016 had come to an end and I am back here to share with everyone the performance of my investment portfolio.

Straits Times Index to start 2017 with a quiet note

Year 2016 had come into conclusion last week. For the whole year, STI was seen to be trading flat with 0.07% down. It had been an exciting year as it started with a strong bearish movement before it was able to recover back to its current level. Economic concerns were at it’s heighten stage as the markets were eyeing on the developments of US, China and Euro zone.

Straits Times Index paving its way for the start of 2017

Year 2016 is starting to come to the end as the whole celebrated Christmas last week. The expected Santa Rally failed to materialise as the market chose to go south instead. Concerns were focused on the uncertainty of the upcoming newly elected US president Donald Trump’s administration.

Profit taking pressure in Straits Times Index after increase of US interest rate

Last week, US Fed meeting concluded with an interest of interest rate hike on Thursday morning. The market had accurately anticipated the rate hike this time round. It is the first and the last rate hike for this year. Despite being on the right anticipation, the market chose to head lower.