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Daily Market Opinion for 7-Sep-2012

STI managed to test 2980 support level yesterday after 4 consecutive days of drop. STI opened with a slight gap down and selling pressure starts to pile up during the early trading hours. This selling pressure causes STI to hit as low as 2977 level before it started to recover after lunch hours.

Daily Market Opinion for 6-Sep-2012

STI continued to head lower yesterday as the bearish sentiment continues to press on. STI opened with a slight gap down during the opening in reaction to the bearish closing of DJI on the previous day. 3000 support level was quick to break during the early trading session and it headed towards the next support of 2980.

Daily Market Opinion for 5-Sep-2012

Yet again, STI failed to show bullish strength yesterday despite attempts to rebound. STI opened with a gap up but it is lacking of leads from DJI on the previous night. Buying strength was muted in the day as traders remain cautious on the long side which resulted in drop in prices during the day. Trading volume was also lacking which resulted in a day of little trading activities.

Daily Market Opinion for 4-Sep-2012

Indecisiveness continues to plague the market again on the start of the week. STI opened slightly down but it was quick to recover quickly during the morning trade. The buying strength was gradual but lack of trading volume. The buying strength managed to push STI as high as 3028 level before selling pressure sets in.