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Daily Market Opinion for 11-Jul-2012

Yesterday, STI bucked the regional bearish trend yesterday despite weak China economic data being announced. STI opened higher and recovered part of the losses on the previous day. However, for the morning trading session, STI was unable to go beyond 2950 level as the regional market went into red.

Daily Market Opinion for 10-Jul-2012

At last, STI stopped its 8 consecutive winning streaks yesterday after negative closing from the DJI on last Friday night. Last Friday’s gains were wiped out entirely yesterday after STI opened with a strong gap down. Profit takers were seen throughout the day selling their positions in hope that price will drop further.

STI is overbought, retracement is in the cards.

STI started the month of July with a bang as the EU starts to propose economic measures to save the current economic crisis in Euro zone. Market participants’ confidence grew as many expected the crisis to ease over time and started to enter the market in hope of more rescue packages to be implemented. Buying strength was seen to be euphoric as STI was up for 8 consecutive days.

Daily Market Opinion for 6-Jul-2012

The sky seems to be the limit yesterday as STI surged higher for 7 days in a roll. STI opened flat yesterday morning as participants were unsure of the outcome of the ECB’s meeting result. Profit-takers loomed the morning session causing STI to hit as long as 2942 level.