Jay Chia's profile

Graduated with a degree specialising in Finance, Jay Chia is a trading representative of Phillip Securities Pte Ltd whom applies his extensive Financial knowledge of Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis forming a basis for his market insights. Extremely passionate and highly approachable, Jay loves to share and discuss his knowledge so as to educate his clients and the community. 

He had conducted training around the South-East Asian region including Singapore and Malaysia and had taught over 500 individuals, focusing on increasing the probability of success in the stock market through unique and simple trading strategies combining Japanese candlestick with technical indicators and classical technical analysis.

Jay is currently sharing his daily market insights of Singapore Stock market to his privileged clients. Careful selections of trading stocks and investments are frequently shared with these privileged clients. Clients' positions are constantly being review and tweaked to current market conditions with the help of Jay.

Investment philosophy

To design a portfolio of income generating equity class assets that provides a constant flow of income through careful studies of fundamentals that provide high dividend yields. Diversification concepts will be adopted to minimize systematic risks in the market.