1. Happy Lunar New Year to everyone and I wish everyone will Huat Huat Huat this year!

    Last week, Straits Times Index did not show a sea of red as an auspicious symbol to start the Lunar New Year. Market participants are excited by the cheaper valuation in the market and decided to buy into the market. In the shot 4 days week, STI was able to start the week bullishly. However, the bullish start was not easy as it continues to face selling pressure which caps STI’s upside. It is clear to see the strength of the bears in the market on Wednesday as STI was unable to sustain its strong open

  2. Strong selling pressure seeped into the Straits Times Index as the stock markets of the whole world went into selling frenzy. The selling sentiment started in US market first which created a domino effect to other leading markets. Reports of corrections happening became real as profit takers scrambled to exit the market quickly after a long streak of bullish movements since last year. Rebound attempts that happened during the week became opportunities for sellers to exit the market. This bearish spiral caused STI to lose a total of 152.58pts for the week; ending at 3377.24 level.


  3. The long awaited bearish sentiment started to appear in the Straits Times Index last week after 5 weeks of rally. STI attempted to trade higher during the early week but failed to sustain the bullishness. Selling pressure was triggered by the bearishness in the US market. There was no strong reason for the market to start buying and hence, sellers dominated the market last week. Due to this, the momentum to help STI to reach 3630 resistance level has stopped and reversed. A total of 37.32pts was lost during the week as STI close at 3539.82 level.

    Has the bullish momentum in STI truly

  4. The bullish sentiment remained firm last week. The bullish sentiment was mainly seen during the early week which pushed STI to as high as 3611 level. This bullish sentiment came to an end last Thursday as market participants preferred to stay out of the market. Strong profit taking pressure returned most of the gains of the week and this sentiment ended the week at 3567.14 level. This translates to a gain of only 16.78pts despite a strong start.

    Will the bullish movements for the past few weeks come to an end? How will the month of January conclude?

    Let’s review STI’s chart.

  5. Last week was a week of tussle between the bulls and the bears. The Straits Times Index managed to trade above 3530 level by going beyond this level at the start of the week. Bullish efforts were quickly being countered by the selling pressure during mid week as market participants were unable to find new reasons to support the market. 3530 level was compromised on Thursday but bullish buyers supported the market again on Friday. The fight between the bullish and bearish players had ended at 3550.36 level. A total of 29.8pts were gain during the week.

    With uncertainty sipping into th

  6. The Straits Times Index continued its bullish streak last week. Buyers were positive of the upside and were seen buying during the early week. This leads STI to reach its resistance level at 3530 level. However, the resistance level at 3530 level seems to be firm. This prevented STI from going higher as profit takers were seen dominating the market. The profit taking actions were not strong enough to push STI lower. The market continued to stay close to its resistance level which helped to maintain the early gains during the week. Hence, STI was able to close at 3520.56 level with 31.11pts

  7. Since 2016, I have been talking about this Securities Wrap service which some of my clients had adopted. Let me briefing explain how this Securities Wrap service works. Traditionally, it has been part of the securities regulations that Trading Representatives like me are not allowed to give advices on client’s investment positions. Trading advices like what and how much to buy or sell are not allowed. Hence, it is tough for Trading Representatives like me, whom practises prudent financial investment management, to help clients to improve their investment strategies. At the end of 2015, Phil

  8. Many of us had gone through the bountiful year of 2017 as the market rallied more than 18% in the year. As I have already reported my personal investment portfolio returns for 2017, I will also be reporting the portfolio performance of my client’s group whom I have been tracking for years. This will help us to understand whether general investors will be able to rip the kind of return that we have always imagined off during the bullish market.

    As stated in the previous year, the main objective of these statistic figures is to showcase that investing in stock market will produce an av

  9. Last week is a brand new start for Straits Times Index as the market starts trading for year 2018. The short week started with a bang as STI propelled strongly towards 3450 resistance level. Traders and investors were buoyant by the positive mood as the usual Capricorn effect starts to affect the month of January. Reports were citing strong economic numbers were seen in both US and China as the reasons for the strength in the market. Through all these strong reasoning, STI was able to break its resistance of 3450 with the high of 3469 level easily on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. Som

  10. Happy 2018 everyone! Year of 2017 turned out eventful for many as the Straits Times Index managed to end the year with a whopping 18.13% of gain. This gain was achieved when everyone was concerned on the newly minted President Trump’s policy changes to missiles and nuclear testing by the North Koreans. Before 2017, many expected the year to be of challenges which leads to advices on cautiousness. Looking back, if one is to hold back due to these concerns, you will have missed the opportunities that happened in 2017.

    I can hear people asking why the market is not trading based on the