1. It had been a pretty exciting week for Straits Times Index as market watchers are waiting for the expected interest rate hike in US. The expectations were fulfilled and new expectations were established. Many are looking forward towards further hike to happen in coming quarter. Usually, when expectations are met, the market will adopt the “sell on news” effect. This time round, our market reacted according to this effect. There were bullish anticipation during the early week but it was quick to be brought down by sellers whom think that the interest rate hike is being over-rated. After the

  2. Yet again, the Straits Times Index faced another indecisive week as the market waits for the result of UK’s election. The results of the election were announced last Friday afternoon. It turns out to be a “hung” government which many speculated that it can lead to unstable political situation in UK. However, market reacted differently to the election result. Positive sentiments were seen at various markets as they deemed that the election result can spur better economic improvements in UK. Back to STI, the first 4 days of the week were trading flat with low trading volume. Market participan

  3. Straits Times Index started to gain some bullish traction last week after lacking of clear direction last week. The start of the week did not start with a bullish start. Instead, selling pressure was seen to push STI to as low as 3195 level. Upon this level, bargain hunters were seen entering the market to start pushing offshore marines sector higher. This helped STI to start its buying momentum. This time round, the buying momentum did not face selling pressure until the end of the week. Therefore, STI was able to maintain reverse its losses and retain the gains with 20.59pts up for the we

  4. It had been a quiet week for Straits Times Index last week as there was a tussle between the buyers and sellers. The start of the week was bullish but it was lacking of sustainability. Sellers were still in the market to prevent any strong upside movement. It is obvious to see that the strength of the bull was weak as it did not sustain its high at 3248 level. On Friday, the bearish pressure took control of the market and caused STI to return nearly its whole week’s worth of gains. This resulted in a small gain of 2.5pts with thinner trading volume. STI ended at 3219.42 level.

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  5. The Straits Times Index passed last week with a bearish note as concerns on Trumponomics might fail to happen as the market makes comments on the ability of the US president. The start of the week was on a positive note as it had attempted to make a high of 3275 level. However, questions of sustainability were in the air and this triggers sellers to enter the market; causing STI to hit as low as 3189 level before bargain hunters entering the market. The bargain hunters helped STI to sustain above 3200 level for the week. Volatility increased after the drop last week. With these movements, S

  6. Despite the short week, Straits Times Index was seen rising towards the upside last week. The week started with weak bullish sentiment as the market was scooping for reasons to trade higher. There were profit taking pressure during the early week but buyers were able to sustain the rally. Further bullishness was seen after the Vesak day holiday as more positive sentiment were gained from the regional market. This lifted STI to as high as 3274 level before easing off on Friday. Overall, the profit taking pressure during the week did not manage to press the market down but instead, buyers wer

  7. Straits Times Index went against the possibility of heading lower last week as economic uncertainty starts to ease. French election had started last week. Worries of France leaving Euro zone eased as early polls were towards Emmanuel Macron who is pro-EU. The initial state of the week was seen shaky but bargain hunters were seen to be holding the market well at around 3140 level before it started to rise higher. Economic estimates turn out to be favour despite many expectations of bad figures. This caused the market to react positively and hence, pushing towards its recent high of 3188 leve

  8. 1st quarter earnings announcements have started rolling out last week as market participants were busy understanding the change in companies performances are the reporting. During this period, many decided to stay cautious and stayed out of the market. Hence, Straits Times Index was affected and started the week bearishly. Geopolitical tensions were also cited as another contributor to the bearish start. North Korean and French election dominated the headlines last weeks. No doubt, these fears have pushed STI to as low as 3113.9 level during the week. However, presences of bargai

  9. It has been a quiet week for Straits Times Index as market participants remains cautious on the outcome of the visit of US president Trump to China. Talks between the 2 countries are ongoing currently but early reports are showing that they are building up with some trade ties; in oppose to what was widely speculated. The week started with positive sentiment that was quick to lose its steam. Bearish pressure was seen on Wednesday but there are bargain hunters supporting STI at 3170 level. This action repeated for the rest of the week and it helped STI to stay above 3170 level. Trading volum

  10. Straits Times Index ended first quarter of the year with a bullish closing. Market participants decided to pick themselves up after the fall that was triggered by concerns of Trump’s lacking of power to implement the policies that he had promised. In the early week, STI managed to rebound from the low of 3112 level and head towards its resistance at around 3170 level. By the mid of the week, it managed to breach the level and sustain above this resistance level. Closing at 3175.11 level, STI gained a total of 32.21 points for the week. And as for the whole month of March, a total of 78.5pts