1. Straits Times Index ended the month of September without much trading actions are many traders and investors seems to be staying sidelines. US interest rate and tax reforms news seems to be affecting the market. This news triggered tightly ranged swing movements in the market last week. The start of the week shows bullish attempts but it was quick to be beaten down by the bears on Tuesday. However, with confidence that US interest rate hike will more likely to occur during the end of the year, financial gains strength which pushed STI to as high as 3250 level. But coming close to the week,

  2. Straits Times Index continued another week above its support at 3190 level. The market started the week by rebounding strongly on Monday. But it faced a minor resistance at 3245 level which prevented STI from going higher. Strong selling pressure sipped in on Tuesday which stopped STI from going further. The focus of the market started to shift towards the interest rate hike of US. STI adjusted downwards further as it prepared itself for any adverse announcement. After the announcement on Wednesday night, STI reacted bearishly towards the news on Thursday. However, it stayed above 3200 leve

  3. Straits Times Index had another bearish week last week as multiple concerns were felt last week. Rebound attempts were seen early last week as US market managed to hit historical highs. Despite bullish sentiment around the markets, STI was seen struggling to maintain its gains during the day and ended up closing flat on the early week. Selling pressure was felt throughout the week but STI stubbornly hold above 3220 level. However, on Friday morning, North Korean fired another test missile over Japan which triggered fear over the Asian market. This helped STI to crack 3220 level immediately

  4. Straits Times Index started the month of September bearishly. This bearish action was triggered by North Korea’s nuclear testing. Fear of war heighten as the tension rises; creating a wave of market participants exiting the market. On Monday, the market reacted immediately on the bearish side. STI was brought to as low as 3227 level before it attempted to rebound the next day. Rebound attempts during the week were unfruitful as it failed to sustain beyond 3245 level. Bearish pressure was undeniable firm but strong selling pressure was not present. Eventually, STI closed the week at 3228.56

  5. The month of August ended with a bullish week, with Straits Times Index gaining 17.69pts for the week despite concerns over North Korea firing a missile over Japan. For the start of the week, STI faces resistance from 3270 level which stops the market from going higher. Knee jerk reaction was felt Tuesday when reports of North Korea’s missile flew of Japan was announced. However, this did not push the market lower the next day after the report. Instead, STI rebounded firmly towards 3270 level. With figures from US economic report, US market performed strongly on Wednesday night. This leads

  6. The Straits Times Index managed to halt its bearish movement as it managed to find its support after breaking its important support of 3270 level. The bearish sentiment only managed to push STI to as low as 3244 level before bargain hunters entered the market to scoop up bargains. However, the buyers were unable to push STI beyond 3270 level as this level seems to turn into a resistance level. Because of this, STI only managed to gain 7.58pts for the week and close at 3259.57 level.

    The question now in traders head is whether the important 3270 level has turned into a resistance leve

  7. The Straits Times Index faced a week of selling pressure as tension arises between North Korea and US on Friday. The week started with lack of catalyst to push the market higher. Market participants were more eager to take profit off the market after numerous index components went ex-dividend. With some buyers support, STI was seen holding firmly above 3300 level till Thursday. When reports of North Korea’s threats to fire missile to Guam Island, the market reacted in fear. On Friday, STI opened with a gap down action which caused STI to trade below 3300 level. It got close to 3270 support

  8. The Straits Times Index attempted to trade higher last week as the market entered deeper into the earnings reporting season. The week started with profit taking action but buyers were quick to snap up the sellers the next day. Further buying continued but it failed to reach the resistance at 3255 level; reaching a high of only 3249 level. With lacking of fresh catalyst to push the market higher, sellers dominated the market at the end of the week. This pushes STI lower, ending at 3326.52 level with 4.23pts down for the week.

    As STI is facing resistance right now, how will STI behave

  9. The Straits Times Index continued their bullish movement last week as market participants are positive on the improving economic environment. Banks results were being reported last week and this lead to bullish strength in the banking sector. With the banks trading higher, the index managed to get a boost from them. Gains were seen during the first 4 days of the week which lead STI to test its resistance at 3355 level. This resistance level held well and caused STI to enter profit taking actions on Friday. Therefore, STI did not end at 3355 resistance level for the week. Instead, it closed

  10. Bullish sentiment continued for Straits Times Index last week. Market participants continued to be positive on the direction of the market, pushing STI to as high as 3331.13. High offer price for Global logistic trust has brought confidence in the market that there is more value in the market to be unlocked. Rowsley got it price nearly doubled as its major shareholder, Peter Lim, decided to inject his medical assets into the company. This streak of news had lifted the sentiment of the market. Profit taking was seen on Thursday but it was quick to be countered on Friday. Therefore, STI ended