1. Straits Times Index continued its bullish momentum last week and broke its key resistance level of 2950 level. Breaking out of this key resistance level confirms the uptrend formation which STI had struggled to form for the past months. This affirmation has lead to many positive vibes from the market despite concerns on inauguration of US-elected president Trump. Banking sectors continued to fuel the rally while the oil & gas sector enjoyed being the support role in the rally. Positive economic data and firm oil prices are being cited as the main driver of this rally. Hence, STI broke 2

  2. Year 2016 turns out to be a flat year. For many, it seems to be hard to make profit during this period; especially in the period where there are many economic concerns and reforms happening. For my group of clients whom allowed me to track their holdings and portfolio, some struggled during this period but many were able to see profits in their stock portfolio. Their performance impresses me to share with everyone on how they have grown over the year through my mentoring of their investment strategies. 

    The main objective of these statistic figures is to showcase that investing

  3. Straits Times Index started the year with a roaring start last week. A total of 81.87pts were gain during the week. This strong start left many wondering why the market behaved this way. The bullish movements were mainly contributed from the banking and offshore marine sector last week. The banking sector was reacting to the positive possibilities of triple interest rate hike in US while the offshore marine sector was reacting to the rising oil prices. Some were speculating that it might be due to the Capricorn effect that usually happens during the month of January. Regardless of what the

  4. Year 2016 had come to an end and I am back here to share with everyone the performance of my investment portfolio.

    Honestly speaking, I struggled in deciding to share my portfolio’s performance for 2016. 2016 turned out to be a gruesome year which I failed to achieve the desire outcome. Thinking deeper, I choose to stand on the ground of humility and not let my ego take over the situation.

    Here is the result of my portfolio performance:

    Dividend Returns: $1,135.62 (4.55%)
    Profit attained: -$4,348.37 (-17.42%)
    Total Profit: -$3,212.75 (-12.87%)


  5. Year 2016 had come into conclusion last week. For the whole year, STI was seen to be trading flat with 0.07% down. It had been an exciting year as it started with a strong bearish movement before it was able to recover back to its current level. Economic concerns were at it’s heighten stage as the markets were eyeing on the developments of US, China and Euro zone. Oil prices continued on the low side which caused oil-related companies to struggle as some faced liquidity problems. Oil-related sector suffered the most during the year. However, there were some relief to the sector as oil price

  6. Year 2016 is starting to come to the end as the whole celebrated Christmas last week. The expected Santa Rally failed to materialise as the market chose to go south instead. Concerns were focused on the uncertainty of the upcoming newly elected US president Donald Trump’s administration. During the week, there were several rebound attempts but they were quickly greeted with selling pressure, causing STI to close lower for 5 consecutive days. The banks and offshore marines were hit during the week as profit takers preferred to be out of the market. Therefore, Straits Times Index ended the we

  7. Last week, US Fed meeting concluded with an interest of interest rate hike on Thursday morning. The market had accurately anticipated the rate hike this time round. It is the first and the last rate hike for this year. Despite being on the right anticipation, the market chose to head lower. The reason for the profit taking pressure is due to the further comments by Fed Chief after announcing the rate increase. She had anticipated that there might be further rate heights in the coming year with a possibility of 3 tranche of increase. This threw the market into another state of indecisiveness

  8. The 2nd week of December continues to be a bullish week for Straits Times Index. The bullishness was supported by the rally of both Banking and Offshore Marine sectors last week. Profit taking sentiment was seen during the week but it was quick to be countered by buyers whom are still positive of the market outlook. However, on last Friday’s closing, STI seems to be facing some selling pressure which caused STI to close at 2956.13 level. Despite the profit taking action on Friday, STI still managed to end the week with 36.76pts higher.

    STI had clocked 5 consecutive weeks o

  9. The Straits Times Index ended the month of November with a bang despite all the concerns on the results of US presidency election. Opec’s meeting last week concluded with reduction in production of oil supply. This lifted the sentiment in Singapore market as oil-related industries in Singapore are facing dire state. Offshore & marine counters showed strong gains while banking counters also got a lift from the positive sentiment. These resulted in strong gains in STI during the week which broke 2880 resistance level easily. Profit taking actions were countered by bullish buyers during th

  10. The Straits Times Index managed to maintain its bullish momentum last week. Concerns on Trump’s upcoming presidential seat have turned into a picture of a beautiful painting of pro-business decisions. Interest rate hikes that used to cause negative sentiments have not turned into positive sentiment for the market. Banking sector gained bullish traction as many deemed that the interest rate hike will be beneficial for the banks. Oil prices sustained as the Opec meeting was looking towards reducing its oil supply. Oil related counters like offshore marines and commodities gained some momentum