1. Straits Times Index attempted to reach for a higher level this week but it faced profit taking pressure during the week. The week started off weak with brought over selling pressure from the previous week. This allowed STI to test its support at 3100 level again. This support level broke briefly on Tuesday but support at 20ma weekly line was firm. Hence, a rebound was formed and this helped STI to reach its resistance at 3160 level. Testing 3160 resistance level turns out to be a brief moment also as sellers was eager to exit the market. Hence, volatility spiked and caused STI to end the we

  2. Straits Times Index managed to have a significant breakthrough last week. The strong resistance of 3100 level was broken. This bullish strength was contributed by the strong positive vibe from local economic data to the belief of the impact of Trump’s promised US policies. There were moments during the week where the market pushing the banks with anticipation of US interest rate hikes. But what really sustained the rally are the strong earnings posted by the offshore marine counters like Sembcorp Ind. Therefore, STI is able to close its week above 3100 level with 29.92pts up. Ending at 3137

  3. Straits Times Index traded mixed last week as it starts to experience the earnings reporting week for the banks. The week started off with positive vibe as market participants were expecting strong results from the banks. However, when Ocbc bank announced its earnings, the market was surprised by it and caused STI to gap down strongly, triggering the biggest drop of the month. There was good support in the market as the rest of the sectors in the market are drawing buyers. Properties counters were seen to be firm as Capitaland shows strong results. After which, when DBS and Uob starts to an

  4. Despite the possibility of bearish movements to happen last week, Straits Times Index managed to put aside the bearish sentiment and pushed for the upside. A series of earnings announcement have somewhat dampened the market but market participants started to look forward to other catalyst. Oil price faced a little volatility last week but it was quick to rebound. Offshore marines managed to recover their lost grounds. Discussion on the upcoming Singapore budget is ongoing and many seem positive on the outcome. Another thing that market participants are looking forward is the announcement of

  5. First week after Chinese New Year turned out to be a week of bearishness. Straits Times Index halted it’s ascend and decided to take the bearish que. Controversies of US President Trump’s policy on immigration rocked the market during the week which triggers fears of kick starting economic instability in US. During the week, there were attempts to rebound were seen. However, sellers dominated the market to push the price lower, preventing the rebound attempts to turn out unfruitful. Therefore, STI closed the week with a high of 3073 level but ended up at 3041.94 level. A total of 22.91pts w

  6. Straits Times Index managed to end the week positively to celebrate Chinese New Year last week. Buoyant by the festive mood, STI was able to shrug off the bearish mood created by the festive week. This bullish action was started with a strong bullish start during the week where market participants reacted positively to the actions taken by President Trump. Many stated that his policies will likely to benefit the country despite rejections of his protectionism idea. Furthermore, Singapore market’s earnings season had started and numbers speculators are positive of the earnings result. Hence,

  7. Straits Times Index halted its bullish advancement last week as market participants took profit off the market ahead of the inauguration of the newly elected US president Donald Trump. Concerns of the implementation of trade barriers are affecting the sentiment of the market last week; this leading to selling pressure to as low as 2988 level. However, there are still buyers whom are confident that such changes are likely to be beneficial for all in the longer run. Hence, STI was not allowed to stay below 3000 level during the week. Tight trading range was seen to be between 3000 – 3015 leve

  8. Straits Times Index continued its bullish momentum last week and broke its key resistance level of 2950 level. Breaking out of this key resistance level confirms the uptrend formation which STI had struggled to form for the past months. This affirmation has lead to many positive vibes from the market despite concerns on inauguration of US-elected president Trump. Banking sectors continued to fuel the rally while the oil & gas sector enjoyed being the support role in the rally. Positive economic data and firm oil prices are being cited as the main driver of this rally. Hence, STI broke 2

  9. Year 2016 turns out to be a flat year. For many, it seems to be hard to make profit during this period; especially in the period where there are many economic concerns and reforms happening. For my group of clients whom allowed me to track their holdings and portfolio, some struggled during this period but many were able to see profits in their stock portfolio. Their performance impresses me to share with everyone on how they have grown over the year through my mentoring of their investment strategies. 

    The main objective of these statistic figures is to showcase that investing

  10. Straits Times Index started the year with a roaring start last week. A total of 81.87pts were gain during the week. This strong start left many wondering why the market behaved this way. The bullish movements were mainly contributed from the banking and offshore marine sector last week. The banking sector was reacting to the positive possibilities of triple interest rate hike in US while the offshore marine sector was reacting to the rising oil prices. Some were speculating that it might be due to the Capricorn effect that usually happens during the month of January. Regardless of what the