1. STI continued to surge strongly yesterday as market participants anticipated improvements in the European Crisis. STI opened flat as it reacted to the flat closing of DJI on the previous night. Strong bullish movement from HSI’s opening had opened the flood gate of buyers into the market. 2910 resistance level was broken easily by these bullish buyers which forces STI to reach towards the next resistance level of 2950. With such a bullish sentiment, STI managed to close at 2945 level, 34.74pts higher. Last night, DJI manage to climb 72.43pts higher. Can STI climb higher today? Will th

  2. STI started the second half of the month with a bullish start. STI gapped up firming in reaction to DJI’s strong positive closing last Friday and EU’s plan for the debt-laden European countries. Buyers were seen pushing the price of STI to a higher level during the early trading sessions but profit-takers were seen coming into the market when STI reaches 2900 level. Profit-takers continues to dominate the market during the mid of the day which pushes STI as low as 2888 levels before it started to rebound again. The rebound point come when European market opens with a positive no

  3. Last week, STI ended its half year with strong bullish showing. This was primary due to the decision made by EU to reach out the debt –laden European banks to help them with their current situations. The world market cheered on this decision by closing strongly for the week. Last Friday night, DJI alone closed 277.83pts higher. Similarly, STI experienced a strong closing on last Friday, 31.63pts higher, ending at 2878 level. Last Friday’s closing also marked a gain of 50.36pts for the week. Over the weekend, reports on EU’s decision were deemed to be a timely measure and i

  4. STI encountered a volatile day yesterday. STI opened with a gap opening in reaction to DJI’s overnight bullishness. This bullishness managed to continue strongly during the morning trading session which pushed STI to as high as 2869 level. The recent high at 2861 level seems to be broken but this bullish did not manage to maintain. HSI went into red after lunch hours and created a drag for STI to head higher. Furthermore, weak European market opening due to woes in the European crisis affected the traders’ sentiment before closing. Hence, STI returned all the gain back and event

  5. At last, STI had ended its retracement by surging strongly yesterday. STI opened slightly lower at 2802 level before it started to surge slowly. Buying strength was seen throughout the whole morning session, lifting STI to as high as 2834 level. However, the buying pressure does not stop at this resistance level. STI managed to break through this resistance level with the help of bullish European market opening which caused STI to reach as high as 2846 level. Hence, STI concluded the day by closing at 2841 level which traded 35.97pts higher than the previous day. Last night, DJI managed to

  6. STI started the week by retracing further yesterday. STI opened with a gap down at 2803 level before it attempted to rebound again within the day. Intraday rebound was seen to happen gradually throughout the day and more buying activity was seen nearing Europe market’s opening. The main contributing factor that helps STI to attempt its rebound during the day was HSI’s positiveness. However, STI was unable to sustain its gain before market closing and ended the day at 2805 level. STI was down by 9.63pts yesterday. Last night, DJI recovered 32.01pts, slightly higher. Will STI be a

  7. STI continued its downward movement yesterday despite DJI positive closing last Friday. After a gap down opening, STI was hovering around the gap support level between 2814 – 2821 levels. There were attempts of rebounds to recover the losses during the first half of the trading session. However, after lunch hours, STI fell back towards its opening when HSI started to trade negatively. Furthermore, European market opened with a negative note and caused STI to erase most of its gain in the morning trading session. Eventually, STI closed at 2815 level, 12.83pts lower. Last night, DJI rea

  8. Last week, STI was struggling to trade higher as it faces profit taking pressure for the whole week. Despite selling pressure being seen, STI is still able to trade higher by 17.09pts. This was primary due to its strong gap up last Monday after the announcement of Greek’s election which the pro-bailout party won. This positiveness helped STI to surge as high as 2861 level on Wednesday before it start to crumble downwards. US’s decision to not step in to exercise the Quantitative Easing plan for the 3rd quarter impacted the market while speculations of whether Greek’s bailo

  9. STI failed to head higher yesterday and started to retrace. STI reacted to DJI’s bearish closing the previous night and opened lower. Selling pressure continues throughout the day with little chance of rebounding. The selling pressure primarily came from profit takers whom had enjoyed the bullish movement for the past few days. Buyers were seen to be cautious and stayed out of the market yesterday. Weak European market open also escalated the selling pressure before market closing time. STI eventually ended at 2830 level with 25.53pts lower yesterday. This is the first drop after 4 da

  10. STI inch up yesterday as the market continues to be cautious after the Greek Election result. STI opened slightly higher in reaction to DJI’s previous night closing and managed to sustain the gains despite some selling being seen during the early trading session. Trading activity was light while prices creep up slowly. Eventually, STI is able to end at 2855 level with 13.27pts higher. This is the 4th consecutive day that STI closed higher. Last night, DJI ended up negatively by returning 12.94pts. Will STI start its retracement today? Has the upside lost its steam?