1. STI was the sole bullish market in the Asian yesterday as STI continues to seek for a higher level in hope of easing Euro situations. STI managed to open at 2830 level and maintained above this level during the day. Cautious buying was seen but sellers seem to be lacking throughout the day. Hence, STI manages to creep up slowly during the day and eventually close at 2842 level. Aided by European market’s positive opening, STI managed to gain 18.19pts yesterday. Last night, DJI managed to climb 95.51pts; citing ease of European situation. Will STI be able to continue to climb higher to

  2. STI was buoyant by the results of the Greek Election as the party with pro-bailout plans was being elected. With such buoyant mood, STI gapped up strongly as fears of European Crisis starts to ease. The opening price immediately reached 2849 level which broke the resistance level of 2830. However, this bullishness failed to sustain as seller made us of this opportunity to exit at a higher price. Buyers were not able to counter the selling pressure and STI started to creep lower during the day. When the European market opens weak, STI started to be depressed deeper hitting as low as 2821 lev

  3. Last week, STI was up by 73.11pts despite the possibilities of the Greek exiting the EU after its election on Sunday. Many were concerned about the outcome of the Greek election and choose to stay cautious during the week. However, risk takers and bargain hunters were seen throughout the week to pick up long positions which caused STI to trade with an upside tendency. The start of the week was first greeted a strong gap up which its gap support was quickly being covered in the next day. Bearish signals also failed to confirm during the week after Friday’s strong bullish closing. Frida

    Yesterday, STI attempted to head higher by having a strong gap up opening in reaction to DJI’s strong closing on the previous night. However, STI did not manage to continue its bullish streak as sellers start to be attracted by the bullish prices yesterday. Sellers were seen throughout the day which forces STI to drop gradually during the day despite the regional market being positive. Firm European market opening did not help STI to recover either. Eventually, STI closed 1.57pts down which ended its 2 days bullish streak; STI closed at 2759 level. Last night, DJI did not


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  6. STI started last week by attempting to rebound from its recent low level but it faced gap resistance between 2798 – 2812 levels. STI failed to break the gap resistance level and instead started to retrace back to its recent low. The main cited reason for the retracement was due to the concerns of the Greeks withdrawing from the Euro zone. Last Friday, STI broke its recent low and nearly tested the immediate support level which ended at 2745 level. STI was down 27.04pts for the week with weakening trading volume. Last Friday, on the US side, US announced weak job data w

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  8. Yesterday, STI attempted to recover after it took beating on Monday. The rebound attempt started with a gap up during opening which tested the gap support between 2715 – 2737 levels. Buying strength was seen during the early trading session which helped STI to reach as high as 2730 level. However, sellers made use of this opportunity to sell on rebound which caused STI to slide gradually during the rest of the day. In the end, STI closed at 2712 level and still managed to close higher with 13.41pts up. Last night, DJI managed to recover a modest 26.49pts as market confidence build up

  9. Last week, STI had a volatile week as it not only dropped deeply, it also rebounded strongly. The week was started off with a strong gap down, reaching as low as 2698 level, due to weak US job data. But STI was quick to recover in the mid week and reached as high as 2775 level before it started to retrace back to close at 2737 level.  This volatile week ended with just merely 7.82pts down. Last Friday night, DJI managed to climb 93.24pts higher in anticipation of positive news over the weekend. China economic showed positive data while Spain managed to get loans from EU to help their b

  10. STI rebounded strongly yesterday and managed to break its gap resistance between 2715 – 2737 levels. The bullish strength was due to hopes on the European Central Bank (ECB) to introduce easing measures to calm the market. However, the ECB decided to keep the interest rate unchanged last night during their meeting. Yesterday’s opening started with a gap up and STI managed to gain strength gradually till it broke the upper resistance line of the gap resistance. Buyers were quick to enter the market after the resistance broke and it could also be pushed higher by European market